10 Creative DIY Event Ideas

Add The Perfect Personal Touch To Your Next Event With Some Of These Simple DIY Projects

Whether you’re trying to stretch the budget, or just add some unique personal flare, DIY projects can be fun and easy!  Crafty or not, there are projects available to do on your own, so why not save a few bucks. The expense of hiring a professional can be difficult to fit into a household budget, and acquiring new skills while making budget-friendly decisions can be very appealing.  This can also be a way to bring your friends/family together by preparing for the celebration ahead!  Let’s take a look at some easy and affordable DIY projects that are perfect for your next event!

1. The Invitations

Whether you hand craft your invitations, or use an online template, this is a great way to make your guests feel special!  This  way you can connect with the guests from the start and make their invite more personal.

2. Snacks & Apps

Depending on the theme of your event, there are multiple ways to incorporate food into your décor (2 birds 1 stone)!  For example, a popcorn or candy bar can be fun and easy!  Fruits are also always a good choice because the variety of color makes for great decor.

 3. Name Cards

This is perfect for a wedding or formal event that calls for assigned seating.  The options are endless on how to create your custom name cards.  You can make them as personal and theme-fitting as you want by doing things such as placing them in a pinecone or wine cork.  Even get creative by writing the guests’ names on unique items such as greenery, champagne glasses, or even directly on their plate.

4. Party Favors

There is no need to spend a fortune on your farewell gifts at your event.  There are thousands of cute, simple ways to DIY your favors.  It can be as simple as putting some baked goods in a nice jar with a “thank you” tag (everyone likes a good homemade cookie).

5. Entertainment

Keeping the guests entertained doesn’t have to break the bank!  Music is always the best source of entertainment, but there’s no need to hire a band or DJ at your casual event, so set up your own speaker!  Other ways of entertainment can be a DIY photo booth, or an assortment of games.

6. Dessert

Depending on how formal your event is, the price of a caterer can get pretty out of hand.  Cakes are an essential part of events such as weddings and birthday parties so it can be a bit unsettling to “Do It Yourself”, but there are unique ways to not only save some money but also stand out!  Your cake doesn’t have to be traditional!  Get something you know the guests will love!  Another trend that is becoming popular are donut boards, or even walls to allow the guests to choose from an assortment of flavors.

7. Décor

A lot of super cute ideas that you see in party stores that cost an arm and a leg can all be made at home with a little creativity and a lot less money!  Whether it’s ballons, sparkling garland, or paper flowers, it’s possible to have that gorgeous party on a slim budget.

8. Drink Up

Drinks (alcholic or not) can be a fun way to spruce up your event!  Make it a source of entertaiment by creating a Bloody Mary bar, or build your own Margarita bar!  This can also be a way to tie in your theme.  Just get creative!

9. Props

Create your own props such as party hats, and other photo props!  This can be as easy as printing out some images and gluing them to a stick.  Props are a fun way to make sure people are capturing the moments of the night.

10. Slide Shows

It doesn’t cost anything to get some photos together and play them during your event, and though it’s the most meaningful.  Whether it’s a birthday party, engagement party, or even a celebration of life it’s always touching to glance back at the memories of the person you’re celebrating.


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