Amenities That Make a Venue Exceptional

Amenities Every Wedding or Event Venue Should Provide

Reliable Internet/WIFI

Whether you’re using this venue for a wedding, business, or even just entertainment purposes, it’s important to have a strong internet connection. Today many day-to-day operations are reliant on internet access. It’s a given that the guests are going to be bringing smartphones, tablets, and laptops along with them to your event, and some events (such as wedding slideshows, or presentations) depend on it. Also, when things go wrong with your audio or lighting, it’s generally the venue’s job to provide an expert technician to help you troubleshoot the problem. These are things that should be discussed prior to booking your event venue.

Great Staff

You may have landed a perfect venue, but if the people running it make your experience unpleasant, the appeal seams to dwindle. A desired staff for an event venue are people who are enthusiastic and thrilled to help you make your day as special and stress-free as possible. A pleasant, hard-working crew can make all the difference in the mood and performance of the day. So, don’t only pay attention to the ambiance while touring, try to get to know the staff a little!


Does the venue have a parking lot or valet parking? Parking can easily be an issue if not enough space is provided. Even though this amenity has nothing to do with the meeting room itself, it is essential to any venue, nonetheless. If it turns out the parking is limited, it’s crucial to know ahead of time, so the guests can know to carpool, or use Uber or Lyft.

Setup/Clean Up Crew

Having a wedding and need some “extra hands”? If these services aren’t available, you’ll need to build your event team or find volunteers. It’s nice to have a hands-on team who is available to help the processes that aren’t always the most fun.

Bathrooms/Dressing Rooms

For large events, it’s important to be aware of not only how many restrooms are provided, but also the size and cleanliness of them. For formal events, such as weddings, the sanitation of the facilities becomes very important. Also, amenities such as a bathroom tenant also can be a large benefit to such events. It’s desired to have multiple rooms for the bride and groom parties to get ready comfortably for their big day. A huge part of hosting any type of event, is to make the guests feel as comfortable as possible.

Although your venue may be breathtaking at first sight, it’s important to look further into what the venue offers. Doing the smallest things, such as checking out the bathrooms, or having a friendly conversation with a few staff members can save you from a huge headache in the end!

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