Best Wedding and Event Dates of 2020 – A Date to Remember!

Best Wedding and Event Dates of 2020 - A Date to Remember!

Here are a Few Perfect Wedding Dates in 2020

2020 is an exciting year, with it being the start of a new decade! You are going to remember this date for the rest of your life, so choose a date that is right for you and your spouse. Whether that be a date that has personal significance, or just a fun number, here are a few dates in 2020 that are topping the charts!

Repeating Dates, Always Easy to Remember!

Here is a list of the repeating dates that fall in 2020

  • Sunday, February 2nd (02/02/2020)
  • Saturday, April 4th (04/04/2020)
  • Saturday, June 6th (06/06/2020)
  • Saturday, August 8th (08/08/2020)
  • Saturday, October 10th (10/10/2020)
  • Saturday, December 12th (12/12/2020)

Dates similar to these seem to go fast so make sure to book a good amount of time in advance to assure your availability!

Dates of Hidden Meaning

Saturday, June 20th. At first glance, this date may not stand out as a day of significance. Although, thousands of couples have booked this day due the meaning behind it. “The 20th of June marks the summer solstice meaning couples will be able to party into the early hours on the longest day of the year. It’s also the day before Father’s Day so will be a touching moment for any parent who gets to walk their child down the aisle and celebrate with them as the clock strikes midnight.” This does fall in the rainy season in Florida, so an indoor wedding venue, like the White Oak Cottage, would be ideal.

Holiday Wedding?

Want a three-day weekend wedding? Memorial Day weekend weddings are always a popular time to celebrate! Some venues offer discounts for Sunday weddings, so this way you get a deal, and everyone has the next day off to recover from a night of fun.

June Weddings

June is considered a very popular month for weddings, since it was named after Juno—the Roman goddess of marriage.

It’s a Leap Year!

Not only is February 29th a unique anniversary date, it also falls on a Saturday this year! This is a chance to show your love on a special date you only get once every 4 years (and maybe a chance to cut back on yearly anniversary gifts).

Make sure to get a head start on booking your ideal date this year, because 2020 dates are going fast! The White Oak Cottage wants to welcome you to our venue and accommodate whatever date (meaningful, or just fun) you and spouse desire.