How to Ensure Your Warm Weather Wedding is a Success

Pull Off an Unforgettable Summer Celebration With These Tips

It’s no secret that summer is the most popular time to tie the knot.  It’s vacation time for most anyway, it’s the best season for flowers, it’s joyful and full of color, and the longest days of the year are in summer.  In Florida, summer weddings are extremely popular due to the immense amount of beach ceremonies.  Although this is a beautiful season for a wedding, it’s also the warmest.  What’s the secret to ensure your warm wedding is a success?

Keep The Guests Refreshed

Chilled signature cocktails are always a hit at summer weddings.  Not only are they refreshing, you can create a mix to go with the theme of your wedding.  For instance a beach theme might involve an umbrella garnish and fresh fruit, whereas a desert chic theme may include a leafy garnish such as mint or basil.  No one wants to be drinking a warm heavy liquor, or a room temperature glass on merlot during the heat of summer.

A Light, Refreshing Menu

It’s difficult to get a heavy, full-course meal down when you’re overly hot.  It’s better to stick to lighter, more refreshing foods, like simple grilled fish or chicken, a fresh salad, and seasonal vegetables.  This way your guests won’t feel overly full either, which can also cause them to feel uncomfortable in a warm setting.

Choose Lightweight Fabrics For Your Wedding Party

Nothing is worse than being hot and sweaty after spending hours on your hair and make-up.  Not to mention, it does not make for chic wedding photos.  Whether it be the bridesmaids, groomsmen, or the bride and groom themselves, choose airy fabrics.  A good option for a dress that’s lightweight, is something made of silk-organza, tulle, or chiffon.

Shaded Décor

It’s extremely important to have plenty of shaded areas for your wedding.  This not only keeps your guests cooler, but protects the food and flowers of the wedding as well.  If of course the weather is too scorching, you could always use an indoor venue.  Although, if an outdoor wedding is for sure your style then remember to keep areas shaded for not only protection from the sun, but also photography purposes. A tent for dinner or plenty of umbrella-covered seating serves as an escape from the sun.


There are multiple creative ways of handing out fans to the guests without them looking tacky or taking away from the theme of the wedding. Your paper goods will be even more impressive if they serve a dual purpose.  Folding menus double as fans to help guests cool off during the reception.  Another way is to print the personalized wedding programs on them to also serve two purposes.  These will help your guests beat the heat during the ceremony and reception hours.

Stay Away From Liquid Makeup

If you are not hiring a professional makeup artist who has access to airbrush, go with powder-based makeup and you’ll avoid having to make frequent trips to the restroom to fix foundation and lipstick that’s probably dripping off your face.  These are photos that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure your wedding makeup stays looking fresh.


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