The Importance of a Day of Coordinator

With the help of Google and Pinterest, it has become relatively “simple” to plan a wedding. There is so much information on how to plan a wedding, how to ‘DIY’ a wedding, wedding timelines, day of timelines, when to book, who you should book, what vendors you need, etc. Pretty much any information you need or any questions you have can be found online. 

If you can find all of this online and do the planning yourself, do you really need a wedding coordinator? That is a question a lot of brides will be asking themselves. While I personally recommend a wedding planner, I can understand why when planning out your wedding budget that you may not account for a planner. A wedding planner can help you find the right vendors for your wedding as well as having discounts or deals that they are able to share with you due to their connections with these vendors. They also are experts with weddings (duh) and can guide you along the way as well as be the ring leader the day of your wedding. But again, it is an added expense to have a full time wedding planner throughout the whole planning process.  However, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a day of coordinator. 

In the past it used to be that the Maid of Honor would do a lot of the planning and day of coordination but weddings have become somewhat of a production with a lot of moving elements that it becomes a lot for someone who isn’t a professional and is part of the actual wedding party. For brides, it seems hard to justify adding yet another expense for someone to manage the day of events when they could assign the task to a friend or MOH. Before we get into why you should hire a day of coordinator, let’s talk about what a day of coordinator does.

What does a day of coordinator do?

A day of coordinator (DOC) is someone who is in charge of the day of wedding events. One of the most important things a DOC will do for you is to eliminate the majority of the stress of the big day. It will allow you the time to relax and get pampered and spend time with your bridal party before the biggest moment of your life. 

*Note: every DOC is different in what they offer for packages, if they do more than just the actual day of or if they have a team. Ask as many questions to get an idea of what they offer and have a list of your needs to see if it will be a good fit.

Your DOC will do the final walk through of your venue (if you choose to do one), keeping vendors on the timeline, assisting with set up if needed, working with the bridal party to make sure they are running on time and keeping the brides/grooms apart. The DOC will also help with the rehearsal where they will assist with the bridal party line up- letting each person know what order to walk down the aisle in as well as letting them know when to walk down the aisle and helping the bride get ready to make her entrance on the big day, finalize the timeline, contact all your vendors and confirm their arrival times and their plans for the day basically become the point of contact for them instead of the couple, depending on their services/packages- your DOC will also assist with set up, they assist with the reception- especially if their is a “flip” from the ceremony to reception, assisting with entrances for the bridal party, and communicating with your catering team, DJ (or band) and photographer on important moments during the reception. 

A DOC doesn’t have to be a professional but I strongly recommend it. If you have a close friend or family member not in the bridal party that offers to assist the day of, then that is your choice but having someone that is strictly there from a professional stand point alleviates any awkwardness that could occur if something were to happen as well as not having to worry about them not enjoying themselves at the wedding. 

Bride With Day of Coordinator

Why you should hire a day of coordinator

As I mentioned before, a DOC is there to oversee the day of events and manage the timeline and vendors of the wedding. They are there to help ease the stress that the wedding day can bring and ensure that everything runs smoothly without interrupting the happy couple to be. Your day of coordinator will be your advocate for the big day as well as the weeks or months leading up to the big day. 

The DOC does a lot of the behind scenes work that the couple doesn’t have the time to worry about and shouldn’t have to worry about. A lot of what they do is not something that a friend of the family should do because it can be tough and time consuming and things could get missed by a friend if they are wanting to enjoy the wedding (which they should be able to enjoy) but in the end, if someone is willing to do this then any help you can get should be welcomed.

Most DOCs have flexible or customized packaging to work with a couple’s budget because they understand the importance of having someone there to run the wedding while the couple enjoys every moment and the importance of keeping within a strict budget. 

It’s important to note that some venues may offer a day of coordinator with their packages or they may not. If they do not, start researching early on for your coordinator or ask for recommendations from vendors you have already hired. A day of coordinator will make all the difference on your big day and allow you to enjoy every second without worrying about if the set up is being done properly or on time, or if a vendor is running late. With a day of coordinator the couple rarely hears of any issues (if any) until long after their big day! 

At the end of the day, you want your wedding to be magical, full of happy memories, with little to no stress. If you can hire (or designate) someone to ensure that everything goes smoothly it will be worth it in the end.

Here at the White Oak Cottage we do offer a day of coordinator/full wedding coordinator depending on the package you choose. For more information call 813-650-0054 or email our dedicated Day of Coordinator Ashlee Gillis here.