To Sit or Not To Sit – A Comparison Between Buffet’s and Sit-Down Dinners

Buffet Or Sit-Down Meal at Your Wedding Event

To Sit or Not to Sit

Should You Have a Buffet or Sit-Down Dinner at Your Wedding?

Believe it or not, your cost of food alone can account for roughly 40% of your total spending limit, so decisions regarding dinner need to be thought out. But, remember that neither buffet nor a seated dinner is better than the other. Whatever arrangement you choose, largely depends on how you want your guests to be catered to at your wedding celebration. There are many catering companies that offer both options in the south Florida region!

Buffet Style:

A buffet is a casual way to serve a large group of guests; a variety of dishes displayed on tables that guests can pick and choose from. This option is more popular in rustic wedding venues such as the White Oak Cottage.


  • Probably the largest benefit to a buffet style dinner is the cost. This is a more cost-effective route, rather than a sit-down dinner that adds an extra cost for a serving fee.
  • Due to recent trends, people have moved away from things such as carbs, sugary items, and even meat in general. A buffet gives the guests a more variety of food items, to assure everyone will be satisfied.
  • Buffet-style service also promotes mingling and interacting among guests, rather them being embedded to their assigned seat.


  • If you’re looking for a very formal and traditional wedding, then this style can sometimes be seen as relaxed or casual dining. Unfortunately, some people may not feel your event is formal enough with the absence of a plated meal brought to you by a waiter.
  • Food tends to run out quickly or get cold. You cannot limit the intake of food for each guest, so it’s more common to run out of food faster this way than everyone getting a set amount to eat.
  • Guests would often swarm around the buffet. This can cause a cluster area, that takes up a lot of venue time to get everyone’s plate and finish the dining process.

Sit-Down Dining:

A seated dinner is a more traditional style of wedding celebration. It consists of several courses served to your guests’ arranged tables. This style is more popular in hotel or church venues.


  • If formality is a must at your wedding, this is the way to go! It’s a more traditional route to go if a formal wedding has always been your dream.
  • This can assure that the guests will all receive the same amount of food and will all be served simultaneously. This assure that no one goes hungry and the food will be served hot.
  • It gives you control over the dining process timing. You can plan out the serving times, approximate consumption time, and be able plan the exact time for each element of your wedding reception (champagne toast, the first dance, etc.).


  • This is the more expensive route. Hiring a wait staff alone can add a good amount of money to your dining experience. Although, if the food is a very important part for your special day, spending more money on cuisine over décor may be a top priority.
  • Expecting a lot of children at your wedding? This is not really suitable for kids-filled wedding if you don’t have any kids-friendly menu prepared.
  • Sometimes a limited menu can become a problem for some of your guests due to dietary restrictions or allergies. This doesn’t leave much options for guests who need it.

Whether you plan on having a relaxed and nontraditional wedding, or something more formal, the south Florida region can endless vendors and catering companies to accommodate your needs. Something that’s becoming more and more popular at Florida weddings are food trucks even! There is no right or wrong to your wedding, so do whatever makes you and your guests happy.