What to Ask When Visiting a Potential Wedding Venue

You’ve already found your fiancé, it’s now time to find your venue. A wedding is among the most important days in someone’s life. The location of your special day can make all the difference, although there are many aspects to keep in mind while choosing it. Even though a location’s aesthetic is important, also consider some of the practical aspects of the venue as well.


Let’s start with the basics. You can’t have a wedding without first setting a date. Availability is obviously extremely important and necessary to begin your venue shopping experience. If you have a set date that is special to you, then it’s important to begin your search in as much advance as possible to assure your date will be available. No specific date in mind yet? Some venues offer a discounted rate for booking an off-season date or a Sunday-Friday wedding. Once you have chosen the date, you now need to make sure it can accommodate your guests. How many people can it hold?


Your wedding day can be very stressful. The last thing you want to worry about is your guests feeling rushed, or you not having enough time to complete your intended wedding day schedule. So how many hours does the rental fee include, and is there an overtime fee if I stay longer? While on the topic of prices, find out the deposit price, when it’s due, and if it’s refundable. We know not everyone can pay out of pocket for an expense this large so are there payment plans for the entire bill? What forms of payments are permitted? There can be many hidden fees within a venue, such as a cake cutting fee, tax and service charge, or cleanup costs. The more detail you ask about pricing, the less of a shock when the final bill comes your way.


If you think you’ve fallen in love with the wedding venue of your dreams, there is still a long list of decisions to be made. You know you’re going to need someone to keep you organized and sane during this whole process. Does this location offer event coordinators? Some not only offer the coordinator but require the use of their specific person. So, if you have an event coordinator in mind, is it okay to bring someone else in to do so? Some venues will have preferred vendors for things such as flowers, catering, and bar service. If you have not yet researched these things, it’s refreshing to know they have experienced staff available to you. If you have people of your own though, it’s again necessary to get approved to bring in outside vendors.


Although all these questions are crucial to your decision, the main question you should be asking is, can I see myself creating the memories of my wedding day here? The White Oak Cottage looks forward to helping you create a memory that will last a lifetime.